Calm Before the Storm - Panoramic Canvas Wrap Triptych

  • £149.00

Dark, stormy clouds approach and roll in behind Llandudno Pier as the muted colours of sunset begin to fade.
©Smart Imaging

Available as:
THREE Panels - All three panels measure 10x12" each - overall size 30x12" 
THREE Panels - Two 10x16" end panels & One 20x16" centre panel - overall size 40x16"
THREE Panels - Two 12x18" end panels & One 20x18" centre panel - overall size 44x18"

(Please see sample images for display ideas)

A triptych, (pronounced 'trip-tick') is one image that has been divided into three sections. The sections are then hung next to each other to make up the full image.

Displaying an image as a 'multi panel' piece, provides a contemporary feel to any room and is a very effective and alternative method for displaying images (especially panoramas).

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